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Paremata Flats Reserve, Maori Pa Rd, Cable Bay is a publically owned (Nelson City Council) area that encompasses tidal river and Land Biodiversity systems designated by Council as of highest Ecological Value of all land under their management. It has a small area of unique lowland forest and a small population of locally endangered SI Fernbird and Banded Rail. To see the wider environment check out the gallery.

Planting at Paremata

Forest and Bird are delighted that the planting of all the areas of the flats has been completed, there may be some further infill planting in the 2017 year. Should organisations or individuals be interested to talk with F&B in regards further funding options please contact Ian Price by phone (03) 5459018 or email

There is now a video that features the Paremata Flats restoration project, courtesy of the Nelson City Council project Nelson Nature.

Facts and figures

  1. $190,000 has been raised since 2011 for the ecological restoration of Paremata Flat Reserve.
  2. 1109 planters have given 4,513 volunteer hours to plant 79,938 trees.
  3. Since 2007, 3,845 volunteer hours have been given by 40 trappers to a twice weekly pest Control management programme.
  4. 6,914 pests have been removed from Paremata, Uri O Te Wai and Maori Pa Road.
  5. 3,126 volunteer hours gone into weed control through spraying and grid searching. (A special thanks must go to one of our sponsors Nufarm NZ Ltd and their Rep Don Wardle for the supply of Roundup and advice) and the team for their help with site preparation.
  6. 992 volunteer hours into administrative work and organising.
  7. 569 volunteer hours seed collecting.
  8. 112 volunteer hours into native plant propagation.
  9. 483 Volunteer hours into Pest monitoring.
  10. 187 Volunteer Hours into track development and maintenance.
  11. 152 Volunteer hours went into the watering of early plantings at the start of the 2016 planting season due to drying winds kicking in after initial rains with 14500 Litres of water being ferried by way of 20 Litre containers and 100/500 litre water tanks with hose to ensure plant survival.

Total Volunteer Hours given to the project 13979 if you charged this out at the minimum wage of $15.75 per hour then the very conservative dollar contribution by volunteers would be just over $220,000.00 and when combined with the money raised to over $400,000.00 given to the project by Forest and Bird, Sponsors and volunteers.