Planting Progress – updated

Here is a record of some areas of Paremata Flats showing the progress the plantings have made.


We had another visit today from KKC and their parents, the focus for the trip was the planting of 30 Podocarps and then it was on to the identifying the pests of Paremata Flats and the traps we use to catch them. We then moved on to dissecting the rats and stoats, interesting the stoats had empty stomachs and to finish the day the children iced some homemade cookies and decorated them with Chocolate buttons, 100’s of thousands and marshmallows.

I would like to thank Vikki from KCC for organising, Johnnie Fraser a Biology teacher from Nelson College for the dissecting of the rodents and for making it so interesting and to Anne Harvey who made all the cookies in the shapes of birds etc and capped off a great visit for all.

Autumn 2015 Planting Photos

A big THANK YOU to all who helped out with the planting, just under 18,000 trees in the ground in just 13 planting days, 276 Volunteers gave 1106 volunteer hours, a fantastic effort.

With the planting behind us the focus will return to weed control. We intend to give one day a month to grid searching all the planted area with the aim by autumn 2016 we will have made it through the planted area three times including Uri O Te Wai and the road reserve. Weeding will occur around the middle of each month on a Saturday, follow the website, you will also get a notification by email, if you are not on Ian’s email contact list and would like to be then email Ian email

Kiwi Conservation Club day at Paremata

A wonderful day was recently held at Paremata Flats with members of the Kiwi
Conservation club, over 25 parents and children turned up, the theme was
birds and their nests combined with the opportunity to explore for whitebait
in the stream. The day was finished off with a mystery nest find filled with
lots of goodies courtesy of Anne Harvey.

May 24th & 25th Planting Days

We had a very successful planting over the weekend despite the atrocious Saturday
weather. 2320 plants were in the ground by 2 pm Sunday with the help of 55
planters; especially great was the turnout of a large group of teenagers
undertaking community work through the William Pike Challenge project.

Wintering Spoonbills

The annual over wintering by Royal Spoonbills / Kōtuku-ngutupapa is one of the highlights at Paremata Flats / Delaware Estuary. Here are a couple of pictures of the group.

Royal Spoonbills / Kōtuku-ngutupapaRoyal Spoonbills / Kōtuku-ngutupapa © C Fern
Royal Spoonbills / Kōtuku-ngutupapaRoyal Spoonbills / Kōtuku-ngutupapa © C Fern
Royal Spoonbills / Kōtuku-ngutupapaRoyal Spoonbills / Kōtuku-ngutupapa © C Fern


11th May Photos

Here are a few pictures from the last Saturday planting for the season, all taken by Andy Dennis.